Bogolyubov Foundation

The International Conference of Shluchim (Kinus)

This an annual event of international magnitude, bringing together to reconnect, recharge and refocus.

Kinus is Hebrew for “gathering” or “conference.”

More than 4,000 Chabad shluchim (representatives) gather for an annual conference from across the globe – from South Korea and South Carolina, from West Texas and Western Australia. As varied as their locations, cultures and situations may seem, each one is united by their singular mission and goal – absolute dedication to the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the Jewish people in their corner of the world. 

The Kinus is the shluchim’s time to share notes, meet up with friends from time zones away, attend bespoke workshops, soak in inspiration and recharge their batteries for another year of their selfless work. The gala banquet – the largest sit-down dinner in New York – is an electric experience of energy and emotion, its impact radiating out to each of the 88 countries and 49 U.S. states to which the shluchim return.

The Foundation provided funding to defray a significant part of the cost of the Conference held in November 2014 in New York.