Bogolyubov Foundation

What we're doing

The Bogolyubov Foundation operates around the world, providing support through a number of clearly defined grant programmes. The Foundation is currently supporting the projects below.

The International Conference of Shluchim (Kinus)

This an annual event of international magnitude, bringing together to reconnect, recharge and refocus.

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Yeshiva Brunoy

The Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim – Brunoy is an educational centre located close to Paris, France, which was founded in 1947 and has since become a home for many European Bochurim.

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The Jewish Belgravia

The Bogolyubov Foundation is sponsoring activities of the Chabad Jewish Community of Central London (“CJC”), a charity focused on advancement of Jewish faith in central London through the provision of adult youth education and synagogue services.

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The Western Wall

The Western Wall, also known as the Kotel, is one of the world’s best-known ancient monuments. It formed part of the supporting wall around the Second Temple in Jerusalem, which was originally built around 2,500 years ago and was expanded 500 years later. The Bogolyubov Foundation is sponsoring a number of projects of major excavation and archaeological conservation to recover and maintain parts of the Kotel complex.

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The Roving Rabbis

The Bogolyubov Foundation donated to support a program that dispatches hundreds of young rabbinical students around the globe to serve the spiritual needs of isolated Jews, with the goal of making Judaism accessible, inviting and relevant to every Jew, everywhere.

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Support of IYYUN –Jewish Spirituality educational centre

IYYUN is a Centre for Jewish Spirituality and learning located in New York and housing a school which provides textual based study for rabbinical students and laymen throughout New York City and – via online audio and video classes – for students around the world.

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The Chabad Teen

The international Chabad Teen Netwok, CTeen, is a movement which harnesses the incredible potential of Jewish teenagers around the world.

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The Menorah Centre

This is a major development, measuring 32,000 square metres, which is located in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk.

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