Bogolyubov Foundation

About Us

The Bogolyubov Foundation is a privately-run charity, created and funded by Ukrainian-born international businessman and entrepreneur, Gennadiy Bogolyubov.

The Foundation's aim is L'Taken Olam, to use the Hebrew phrase. Literally translated, this means to partner G-d in perfecting the world. In practice, to us, this means leading by example rather than relying on others to act first.

The purpose of the Foundation is to fulfil one of the most fundamental Mitzvot (Biblical commandments), namely the Mitzvah of Tzedakah - the obligation to give charity generously and regularly.

Grants are allocated and managed by a group of Trustees and are administered from our offices in London, UK and Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

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The Bogolyubov Foundation website

The Bogolyubov Foundation website provides details of the Foundation's current projects and acts as the main portal for its interaction with grantees and for associated administration.

The site provides an overview of all current grant programmes and explains more about the background of the Foundation. The website is also the primary channel through which to communicate with the Foundation.