Bogolyubov Foundation

Planting seeds for posterity

Man’s purpose in life, as taught by the Torah, is to partner G-d in bringing the world to a state of perfection.

It is this aim that lies at the heart of the Bogolyubov Foundation – providing the reason for its creation as well as the underpinning for all it does.

The Bogolyubov Foundation website

The Bogolyubov Foundation website provides details of the Foundation's current projects and acts as the main portal for its interaction with grantees and for associated administration.

The site provides an overview of all current grant programmes and explains more about the background of the Foundation. The website is also the primary channel through which to communicate with the Foundation.

One man's vision

Propelled by the vision of its founder, Ukrainian-born international businessman and entrepreneur, Gennadiy Bogolyubov, the Bogolyubov Foundation is a charitable organisation rooted in authentic Torah values. It works to fulfil these values through:

  • supporting Jewish education
  • pursuing the eradication of poverty and
  • promoting the Jewish religion and its cultural heritage

A team of highly-experienced Trustees and professionals manages the affairs of the Foundation.

Working worldwide

The Bogolyubov Foundation has no geographical boundaries when considering projects to initiate or fund.

The Foundation’s work spans the globe and the projects undertaken are as wide-ranging as their international spread.

Our current work includes:

  • supporting major Jewish archaeological projects
  • the construction of key Jewish communal centres
  • assisting impoverished Jewish communities and
  • providing financial aid to individuals in need